Thursday, August 24, 2006

Fleece Fashions

Fleece is made from recycled plastic. It comes in bright colors and simple prints. When you cut it, fleece does not fray, so it requires no hemming (like felt), and is great for new seamsters.

To make a fleece scarf: lay out a length of fleece (2 yards), and cut a long straight strip (1 foot). You can cut two narrower strips in contrasting colors (6 inches each), and sew them together. Or you can cut rectangles of color and sew them together.

To add polka dots or skinnier stripes, you can use fabric glue to attach pieces of fleece to your scarf. Use a lot of fabric glue, as the fleece is very absorbent. (You can also sew them on.)

Variations are endless. Make pockets by folding the bottoms and sewing them on both sides. You can easily fringe your scarf by cutting narrow strips at the bottom or the sides.

Scarves designed by Hannah, Orr, and Ronnie, ages 9 and 10. Project director: Lynn Mally. Photo: Bob Moeller.


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