Sunday, June 25, 2006

Decoupage boxes

We scanned our masking tape and watercolor patterns (see previous post). Then we made patterns with our patterns. Hannah layered transparent versions of the patterns on top of each other. Lucy preferred to keep the pattern samples opaque. Then we printed out the pattern pages and made decoupage boxes.

Paint pieces of paper with white glue, library paste, or decoupage medium. Attach to box. Apply additional designs (clip art, drawings) as desired. Coat entire box with thin layer of medium. Use a squeegee or the edge of a popsicle stick to remove air bubbles, spread glue evenly, and remove excess glue.

You can line your box with felt for a jewelry box feel.


Blogger vintagechica said...

OMG, I just discovered your blog via wisecraft (I think???) and just had to comment on these wonderful boxes. We just finished participating in a 5 family rummage sale in which one of the participants sold her decoupage box that she made when she was 11 for $1. I almost bought it just because she made it and couldnt believe she was actually parting with it. But a guy beat me to the sale before. So, Ill guess we'll just have to make some ourselves. Thanks so much and cant wait to read more!!!

7:52 PM  
Blogger Lupton said...

We're glad you like it! Please keep checking in.

9:53 AM  

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