Sunday, April 02, 2006

Designing with Books

Kids want to be producers, not just consumers. When my 6-year old triplets read a book, they often clamor to "do a project" afterwards. This works best with books that use design principles like collage instead of high-level drawing and painting.

This week, it was Gerald McDermott's Anansi the Spider, which combines African folk motifs with international pictograms, tied together with text in Helvetica. Multi-Cultural Modern, circa 1972.

We used 12" by 12" paper (from the scrapbooking aisle), plus strips of paper and round color-coding labels. We tried it at home first, and then went public in their kindergarten class. The teacher appreciated the literary tie-in!


Blogger cnhouse said...

I am currently teaching a storybook art class using books as a springboard for art projects -- this sample is really nice. As a designer I appreciate the graphic quality and it is well suited to the various skill levels you experience in the classroom. Are there other books you have had success translating into kids projects?

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